Customs and International Trade Services

Customs duties are not, however, only about determining what tariff and tax is applicable to an imported product. It can also be used to strategically position your business. How you structure your customs duty affects how much tax is due. Often advance planning can identify arbitrage opportunities that will work in your favor.
Further, the inappropriate determination of a customs duty not only leads to the retrospective imposition of correct duty, but could also lead to a substantial fine.

Our customs and international trade services include:

  • Valuation and tariff classification

Declaring the wrong customs value can incur a significant administrative sanction up to 1000% (one thousand percent) of the customs duty underpayment.
Related-party transactions are particularly sensitive to customs values issues. We help our clients in managing their customs value and tariff classification through well-planned import transactions schemes or by obtaining rulings from the Indonesian customs authority.

  • Preference and Trade Agreements

Importation of goods from one country to other country normally uses the customs duty tariff under the Most Favored Nation (MFN) tariff.
However, a preferential tariff rate is extended to partner countries that have signed Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with each other. To date, Indonesia has signed FTA agreements with several countries. We help our clients in satisfying The requirements for applying FTA on the importation of goods into Indonesia.

  • Customs duty drawback & exemption

Requesting refund of customs duty will trigger verification or audit from the customs authority. We help our clients in preparing working papers for customs duty refund, dealing with the customs authority, and obtaining the best results.

  • Representation in customs audit and litigation

Our experienced customs professional, who have obtained customs expert license from the customs authority, can represent you in the customs audit and litigation process.

  • Assisting in customs duty facilities from the customs authority

We help our clients in obtaining customs duty facilities such as bonded zone company, bonded warehouse, temporary importation, Master List from the Foreign Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Export Oriented Company (KITE), etc.