Guaranteed with Law, President Encourages Taxpayers to Declare Wealth

Semarang, 10/08/2016 MoF – President Joko Widodo reaffirms that the government has complete data on Indonesian citizens’ undeclared assets/fund both in the country and abroad. He ensures that the data will be used for good intention and will not be misused.

“I assure you that I know the name, address, passport, all the data. I will use the data for national purpose,” explains him in the Tax Amnesty Socialization in front of 2,500 taxpayers of Central Java in Semarang on Tuesday (09/08).

The guarantee, he says, is mandated in the Tax Amnesty Law. This law is the clear legal umbrella for Tax Amnesty implementation, which is ensuring the data secrecy of taxpayers participating on the program.

“We create the legal umbrella to provide certainty, it’s called Tax Amnesty Law. Certainty, not merely Presidential Regulation, Ministerial Regulation, this is Law, which means certainty,” explains.

Therefore, President continues, there is no reason for taxpayers not participating in Tax Amnesty Program. By participating in this program and declaring undeclared assets, taxpayers have proven their loyalty to the nation.

Furthermore, the fund owned by taxpayers is crucial to help Indonesia survive amid the uncertain global situation today. “Many countries have the same way (to face global uncertainty), by directing investment to their respective country. We compete for the fund, compete for investment. The difference is that we’ve been doing this for years yet we are not aware that we have the fund, but we save it (the fund) below the mattress, under the pillow, or even abroad,” he says. (nv)