Show Love of Country by Paying Taxes

Jakarta, 09/08/2016 MoF – The Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that tax compliance is a way to show love to the country. “Pay the tax to show real love to the country,” said the minister during the socialization of tax amnesty in the Hall of the Intercontinental Hotel, Bandung on Monday (08/08). She hopes, the taxpayer will participate in tax amnesty program.

According to the minister, the Tax Amnesty policy can remove the entire tax payable, including tax administrative and criminal sanctions before December 31, 2015. “However, an exception is applied to the taxpayer who is in the examination and investigation by the Attorney as stipulated in the Tax Amnesty Law,” she added.

In order to support the implementation of the Tax Amnesty, the government has issued a number of implementing regulations.Currently, as many as 55 companies have been appointed as a gateway of collecting funds from a tax amnesty, making it easier for taxpayers who want to participate the program. “There are 18 banks, 18 investment managers, and 19 securities traders as a gateway,” explained the minister. (das)