“Strategic tax planning/ Restructuring/ Merger and Acquisition”
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Strategic tax planning/ Restructuring/ Merger and Acquisition

We help clients with tax planning analysis to provide several alternative structures to produce the most optimum tax implications in compliance with the prevailing tax laws and regulations.

Tax impact of properly structuring the disposition and acquisition of a company can also have a very material impact on the economics of the transaction for both parties.

Strategic tax planning, on the other hand, is holistic tax advice given to profitable businesses and owners. It offers proactive, thorough and compliant tax reduction strategies for businesses to enhance tax efficiency. Strategies are put into place throughout the year to reduce taxes, as opposed to after the tax year, when you can’t turn back the clock.

There are many reasons why top executives and business owners decide to do a merger. Some mergers are a way to kill competition by buying up rival companies. Other reasons may include the ability to easily gain new customers, boost business productivity, seamlessly penetrate a new market and even save a business from going under.

Restructuring is more likely to be successful when managers first understand the fundamental business/strategic problem or opportunity that their company faces.

Our other services

Annual and Monthly Tax Compliance

Taxpayers are required to file tax returns on a monthly or/and annual basis for corporate/ personal income tax, withholding tax and value added tax (VAT). Our tax compliance services will significantly limit the risk of the tax being under- or overstated due to mistakes, insufficient knowledge of the tax regulations, or incorrect interpretation thereof.

Tax Audit and Dispute Resolution

Our service can cover all stages of tax audit process including document preparation and submission, discussion with the tax auditors, preparing the rebuttal letter, etc. Our service includes representing the client in dispute resolution. Most of tax partners have obtained Tax Court attorney license.

Cross-Borders Transaction Issues

Cross-border transactions involve the payment of trading, services, passive income and these will usually be accompanied by complex tax effect, especially if the transaction is conducted with a related party. Our highly experienced tax consultants provide deep analysis of cross border transactions and offer optimum tax planning to mitigate the tax implications.

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