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Fabian is a registered Tax Consultant and also Tax Court Attorney whose actively serving clients for their litigation cases. With over 15-years professional career in tax consultancy business, Fabian has an extensive experience in serving multinational and large national clients in a broad range of industries. He has been involved in various tax compliance cases, as well as regulators audit and dispute resolutions. His advisory roles have covered a broad range of tax issues in areas from Indonesian domestic to cross-border tax issues.

Fabian Abi Cakra
Partner, GNV Consulting Services

Our tax services assist businesses with tax strategy, planning, compliance, and a wide range of business advisory services. We have experience working with an expansive and diverse client base.

Our tax services include

Transaction Issues
Obtaining Tax
Strategic Tax
Rulings from the
Tax Authority
in the Tax Court
Mergers and
Tax Diagnostic
Annual and Monthly
Tax Compliance
Transfer Pricing
Tax Audit and
Dispute Resolution

Research beyond the Tax Services

Cross-border transactions involve the payment of trading, services, passive income and these will usually be accompanied by complex tax effect, especially if the transaction is conducted with a related party. Our highly experienced tax consultants provide deep analysis of cross border transactions and offer optimum tax planning to mitigate the tax implications of such transactions.

We help clients with tax planning analysis to provide several alternative structures to produce the most optimum tax implications in compliance with the prevailing tax laws and regulations. Tax impact of properly structuring the disposition and acquisition of a company can also have a very material impact on the economics of the transaction for both parties.

Taxpayers are required to file tax returns on a monthly or/and annual basis for corporate/ personal income tax, withholding tax and value added tax (VAT). Our tax compliance services will significantly limit the risk of the tax being under- or overstated due to mistakes, insufficient knowledge of the tax regulations, or incorrect interpretation thereof.

Imperfect preparation or planning individual tax return can result in a significant unnecessary tax cost in the event of a tax audit. Precise and accurate filing of such individual tax returns can avoid the unnecessary tax cost.

Some procedures and mechanisms are required to be fulfilled to obtain tax/customs facilities and rulings from the Tax Authority. Our service will ensure the clients in meeting the requirements.

A tax diagnostic review provides an overview of the potential tax exposures in the event that the company is audited by tax office. The review can suggest the company to take necessary measures to minimize such potential tax exposure.

The Indonesian tax authority request the company to provide transfer pricing documentation for related party transactions. With proper documentation of transfer pricing, the company should be able to uphold its argument about the pricing methodology during the tax/ customs audit process.

We have helped many clients in preparing transfer pricing studies and advisory.

Our service can cover all stages of tax audit process including document preparation and submission, discussion with the tax auditors, preparing the rebuttal letter, etc. Our service includes representing the client in dispute resolution. Most of tax partners have obtained Tax Court attorney license.

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